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With a new government firmly in place, Romania is finding new economic stability, although there are issues surrounding the ever-increasing prices of energy, according to Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii Deputy Managing Partner Bogdan Stoica.

In light of the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections and a relatively inactive legislative phase, Serbia’s potential free trade agreement with China is one of the major economic topics in the country, according to Bojovic Draskovic Popovic & Partners Partner Vuk Draskovic.

The promise of a return to normal, considerable public debt, a controversial WWII compensation ruling, AML-linked blockages, and a potential real estate bubble are the main discussion topics among lawyers in Latvia according to Reihmanis & Partners Partner Karlis Reihmanis.

The biggest story in Croatia, according to Kovacevic Prpic Simeunovic Partner Martina Prpic, is the preparatory work for the upcoming switch to EUR as the official currency, complemented by EU-driven updates impacting consumer protection, agriculture, and the upcoming tourist season.

Recent legislative proposals aimed at combatting corruption and reforming the judicial system, including the establishment of a commercial court are the factors, that could lead to more favorable conditions for foreign investments in Kosovo, according to RZZ Law Partner Engjell Rexhepi.

Challenges to COVID-19-related regulations, needed tax, healthcare, and pension reforms, a busy M&A market, and questions related to future public spending are at the top of the agenda for lawyers in Slovenia, according to Selih & Partnerji Partner Jera Majzelj.

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