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Serbia’s real estate sector is undergoing some foundational shifts, according to Vukcevic Law Managing Partner Nenad Vukcevic, with numerous changes to the property and construction laws, led by a shift towards mandatory electronic cadaster subscriptions heralding a new digital era for legal processes in the country.

Poland's property market is experiencing both pressing challenges and emerging opportunities, according to Solivan Partner Bartosz Miszkurka, from the refinancing woes of established projects to the burgeoning demand for residential and student housing and the impacts of legislative reforms.

Greece is doing a solid job of showcasing its economic resilience, according to Machas & Partners Partner Ioannis Charalampopoulos, who takes a closer look at its intricacies and spotlights the banking sector’s revival, booming real estate opportunities, and a promising horizon for mergers and acquisitions.

A huge new infrastructure project, a historical first USD-denominated bond issuance, and potentially transformative news on price controls and concessions make for interesting times in Montenegro, according to JPM & Partners Senior Partner Lana Vukmirovic Misic.

Slovakia is witnessing an increased number of vital amendments across legal sectors, from construction to cybersecurity, tax law, and criminal law, according to Legate Managing Partner Peter Vrabel, who posits that these changes aim to streamline processes, enhance transparency, and bolster investor confidence.

Considering Ukraine’s legal landscape against the backdrop of the ongoing war, Hillmont Partners Senior Partner Valentyn Zasukha delves into planning, client relationships, sector-specific issues, strategic adaptations to new realities, and economic prospects.

New technologies, spearheaded by artificial intelligence, are shaping the legal dialogue surrounding innovation, consumer protection, and the integrity of market competition within Hungary and the European Union as a whole according to KCG Partners Founding Partner Rita Parkanyi.

With a keen eye on the evolving dynamics of entrepreneurship and law in Romania, Alex Teodorescu – a former Olympian and the Founder and Managing Partner of Teodorescu Partners – offers a fresh perspective on business and investing, the entrepreneurial spirit within the legal profession, and some noteworthy recent regulatory developments.

Transformative changes are sweeping across Poland's legal and political landscape after the 2023 parliamentary elections, according to KWKR Partner Lukasz Wieczorek, while the jury is still out on the new government's efforts to address longstanding issues in sectors like green energy, technology, and the burgeoning field of ESG initiatives.

It is a time of transformative change for the Baltic region, according to Spridzans, Snipe & Hramcenko Partner Ansis Spridzans, considering important developments like the Rail Baltica project connecting Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius in the Baltic states with Central Europe, the growth of fintech and cutting-edge finance, and the impact of ESG on the Latvian banking and finance sector.

Against the backdrop of a turbulent legal landscape, Krehic Law Office Managing Partner Tarja Krehic underscores the recently ended strikes by commercial court judges and the subsequent impact on court proceedings and business registrations as the hot topics on the docket for Croatia, with women's participation in executive roles as the next big issue.

Lithuania is looking at a hectic year, with three scheduled elections: presidential, parliamentary, and EU parliamentary, according to Ilaw Lextal Partner Lina Siksniute-Vaitiekuniene, while also celebrating the 20-year Anniversary of its entry into the EU and NATO.

Turkiye always has its ups and downs, according to Guleryuz Partners Partner Zahide Altunbas Sancak, who points to the coming local elections and their role as a confidence check, while also making her own bets that include technology, digital banking, and energy.

Expectations are high in Slovakia for the mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and energy sector pipelines, according to Hillbridges Partner Miroslav Trencan, who highlights a series of shifts and trends shaping the market, from the challenges of financing and the impact of regulatory changes to geopolitical influences and the strategic decisions driving large-scale M&A projects.

Delving into the impacts of the EU's recent visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens and the country's ambitious strides towards legal and sustainable energy reforms, Deloitte Legal Senior Legal Manager Ardian Rexha shares his insights on the easing of travel restrictions, pioneering steps in renewable energy, and the overhaul of the tax administration system.

The Czech Republic is marked by dynamic changes in the banking, finance, and technology sectors underpinned by the influence of ESG, compliance issues, and the impacts of global crises, according to PRK Partners Partner Jan Kohout, with the defense sector and strategic shifts in traditional industries making headlines as well.