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In Slovenia, everything revolves around energy, according to Rojs Peljhan Prelesnik & Partners Managing Partner Robert Prelesnik, with the government capping energy prices for large companies, beefing up subsidies, and considering capital injections for major energy players.

December will be a turbulent month in terms of legislation in Croatia, according to Miskovic & Miskovic Partner Iva Miskovic, as the parliament is addressing considerable changes in the fields of labor and trade law, while the transition to the euro enters into force on January 1.

Austria's lawyers are keeping busy these days, with work primarily driven by an active M&A market, restructuring, litigation, and regulatory changes, while those changes are putting increasing pressure on small businesses, according to Act Legal Partner Roman Hager.

Strong M&A transaction volumes, rising investor interest in the renewables sector, and a flood of work relating to the immigration waves from Ukraine and Russia are the headlines for Serbia, according to Bojovic, Draskovic, Popovic & Partners Senior Associate Milica Pesteric.

Parliamentary problems, governmental grievances, and ebbing economic sectors – aside from the consequences of the current state of global affairs – have been the talk of the town in Slovakia, according to AKMCL Partner Martin Jurecko.

Under the "heavy influence" of the current autocratic regime, Hungary might seem stable but Forgo, Damjanovic & Partners Managing Partner Gabor Damjanovic wonders if the country is prepared to tackle the challenges of the wider economic context.

With large energy and infrastructure projects under development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, local legal professionals are facing an uphill battle against the double standards in their industry, according to Sajic Law Firm Senior Partner Natasa Krejic.

Estonia’s real estate experiences a slight slowdown and layoffs are on the radar for some sectors, but others remain active, with a promising prognosis for the next year’s small economic growth of 0,7% according to the European Commission, explains Pohla & Hallmagi Partner Juri Ploom.