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Poland is experiencing a lot of regulatory and legislative changes, primarily driven by (new) EU directives. The energy, commercial, employment, and consumer protection sectors are all in flux, according to Cezary Zelaznicki, PwC Legal Poland Managing Partner and PwC EMEA Legal Business Solutions Leader.

This is a breakthrough moment for Bosnia and Herzegovina as the country receives the EU membership candidacy status but, still, there are difficulties ahead, according to Miljkovic & Partners Managing Partner Sead Miljkovic.

Estonia’s present and future are linked to information technology, blockchain, and different technology-currency relations, with new regulations on the horizon, according to Hedman Law Firm Partner Toomas Seppel.

In Lithuania, M&A transactions are up, litigation procedures are down, and the Competition Council has been handing out hefty fines for cartel infringements, according to Triniti Jurex Managing Partner Vilija Viesunaite.

Lack of public trust in the legal system together with factors beyond the country's control are adding to the complexity of the challenges in North Macedonia, yet things are going better than expected, according to Polenak Law Firm Managing Partner Kristijan Polenak.

Despite the political stalemate preventing any legislative movements and access to recovery and resilience funds, Bulgaria's markets are humming, according to Kambourov & Partners Partner Angel Rizov. Which is just as well, as the political crisis shows no signs of abating. 

In Slovenia, everything revolves around energy, according to Rojs Peljhan Prelesnik & Partners Managing Partner Robert Prelesnik, with the government capping energy prices for large companies, beefing up subsidies, and considering capital injections for major energy players.

December will be a turbulent month in terms of legislation in Croatia, according to Miskovic & Miskovic Partner Iva Miskovic, as the parliament is addressing considerable changes in the fields of labor and trade law, while the transition to the euro enters into force on January 1.