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Know Your Lawyer: Peter Berethalmi of Nagy es Trocsanyi

Know Your Lawyer: Peter Berethalmi of Nagy es Trocsanyi

Issue 10.3
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An in-depth look at Peter Berethalmi of Nagy es Trocsanyi covering his career path, education, and top projects as a lawyer as well as a few insights about his as a manager at work and as a person outside the office.


  •  Nagy es Trocsanyi, Managing Partner, 2005-present
  •  Nagy es Trocsanyi, Partner, 2001-2005 
  •  Coudert Brothers (New York), Visiting Attorney, 2001
  •  Nagy es Trocsanyi, Associate, 1996-2001 
  •  Blanche Lucas Scholarship (London), Visiting Attorney, 1996 
  •  Shell Hungary Rt, Legal Counsel, 1995-1996
  •  Torok Bela Law Offices (Szeged), Associate, 1994-1995


  •  University of London, International Programs Postgraduate Diploma in Laws, 2010
  •  Jozsef Attila University Szeged, Doctor of Law, 1994
  • Favorites: 

Out of office activity: Cooking, traveling, the gym, concerts, theater  

Quote: “… Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect to our own journey” – Sylvester Mcnutt 

Book: All books by Peter Nadas

Movie: Youth, written and directed by Paolo Sorrentino

Top 5 Projects:

  •  HVG office building – the first major transaction that I participated in was a real estate transaction in 2000. I was very junior but lead the transaction. It involved many late-night meetings;
  •  HVG transaction – the first major M&A transaction that I assisted also relates to HVG. This was a two-year process that resulted in WAZ acquiring a majority shareholding in HVG;
  •  Coca-Cola HBC – as a Junior Partner, I advised the Coca-Cola local bottling company for more than ten years, since the early 2000s, and participated in the HBC transaction when the bottling business became listed in Greece;
  •  Kemira GrowHow – the Finnish company (that later changed its name) was my first major client in competition law matters. For three years, I worked on various authority inspections;
  •  French veterinary company Ceva Sante Animale – a very recent client. I mention them because of the large number of construction and FDI projects that I am working on right now, which makes them special.


What would you say was the most challenging project you ever worked on and why?

Berethalmi: One project that involved a private equity firm, with a London law firm pitching for MKB: the due diligence was huge, the London law firm was exceptionally demanding, and the process was relatively tense.

And what was your main takeaway from it?

Berethalmi: Trust my own instincts and never give up.

What is one thing clients likely don’t know about you?

Berethalmi: I enjoy cooking and watch too many cooking videos on YouTube.

Name one mentor who played a big role in your career and how they impacted you.

Berethalmi: In my junior years, Ildiko Varga was very influential in my professional approach – I learned to focus on the details without losing perspective. She also taught me that the legal profession is not only about the law, rather it is about people and how you manage them.

Name one mentee you are particularly proud of.

Berethalmi: I am proud of all the lawyers that I have worked with when they were juniors. I hope I played some role in their professional development. I am proud when young lawyers learn how to appreciate themselves and not give up on themselves: that leads to constant development. If I had to highlight one person, I would mention Tamas Pasztor, who was the Head of Legal & Operation at CPI Hungary – and is currently their Country Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for legal, compliance, and operational matters. I am proud of him because he developed not only professionally, but also developed his personality to become a mature lawyer and manager who is capable of management in general, not only solving legal problems.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give yourself fresh out of law school?

Berethalmi: “Challenges give you consistency in your life, encourage self-reflection, and build confidence” – Lewis Howes, The Greatness Mindset.

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