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We bring you a brief overview of important legislative news from the Czech Republic that should not escape your attention.

The requirements for the Whistleblowing Officer’s (WO) role are covered by various guidelines that have been published by the Slovak Office for Protection of Whistleblowers over the past several months. The multitude of information sources now requires clarification, as the role of the WO leading internal investigations of reports is becoming increasingly prominent. 

The question is not "if" you will face a cyberattack, but "when". Ensure your cyberspace is resilient to security risks early. New cybersecurity regulation will impact many Slovak companies this year and next.

Since early 2024, Hungarian legislative efforts have brought about several updates to consumer protection regulations. Ranging from novelties in consumer complaints and related processes, increased consumer protections fines, expanded rights of the consumer protection and competition authority to an unexpected obligation imposed on e-commerce providers to include the local postal delivery provider as a delivery option, changes to the sector have been diverse.

One of the significant questions concerning ESG issues is the cost of transitioning to a more sustainable business environment. Will it result in increased financing costs and restricted access to new borrowing, or will it, on the contrary, lead to the development of new market segments and gradual change? While we cannot provide definitive answers to these questions, in this article, we will examine five ESG drivers and regulatory changes that will be pivotal in 2024. From the introduction of the New Green Asset Ratio to the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD/CS3D), we will explore the conditions associated with these new requirements and the potential penalties for non-compliance.

Today, more and more companies are trying to convince consumers with the pretence of a sustainable future and environmental awareness. However, in many cases, there is no real responsibility behind such marketing activities, which are simply intended as an effective advertising ploy to make green claims.

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