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Serbian Courts to Start Working from 11 May 2020

Serbian Courts to Start Working from 11 May 2020

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On 6 May 2020, the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia rendered the decision to revoke the state of emergency which has been proclaimed on 15 March 2020 due to the epidemic of COVID19.

Following this decision, on 7 May 2020 the High Court Counsel of the Republic of Serbia rendered the conclusion in which it stated that the conditions for normal functioning of the courts are met, as well as that the courts will start operating regularly starting from 11 May 2020.

However, due to the still lasting epidemic of COVID19 the High Court Counsel also prescribed the preventive measures for both the employees in the justice system as well as the parties, attorneys, and other persons approaching the court, which include disinfection, the minimum distance between persons and protective equipment.

Additionally to the already existing security measures (metal detector scanners), upon entering the court visitors will also have to undertake disinfection, which includes disinfection of hands and footwear. Further, they are obliged to wear protective equipment – face mask and gloves. If a person refuses to undergo disinfection or does not wear a face mask, he/she will not be allowed to enter the court building. Finally, all persons are obliged to present an identification document and state the reason for their visit to the reception desk.

All persons are obliged to keep a distance of a minimum 150cm from each other while waiting in line to enter the court and in the court building itself.

The minimum distance of 150cm must be also maintained in the courtrooms during trials. Therefore, persons who wish to attend the trial will be allowed to attend the trial in accordance with the necessity of their presence. The priority will be given to the accused, his defense attorney, and other persons who have been summoned by the court, whereas other persons will not be allowed to attend the trial if the safe distance cannot be maintained.

The prescribed measures will be in force until the end of the epidemic of COVID19.

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