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The Turkish Competition Authority's proactive measures in various sectors have been the element to follow in Turkiye according to Actecon Managing Partner Bahadir Balki, with the TCA's current priorities including labor market investigations, resale price maintenance, and digital market regulations.

Estonia's legal landscape in dispute resolution remains surprisingly stable amid economic turmoil, Cobalt Managing Associate Annika Peetsalu reports. Despite a surge in bankruptcies, particularly in the construction sector, the volume of legal disputes has not significantly increased.

The recent elections in North Macedonia marked a shift in government, as reported by Lalicic & Boskoski Partner Angela Andonova, with the transition including the establishment of new ministries and a restructuring of current ones, setting the stage for upcoming legislative actions.

Albania is going all in on harmonizing with European Union standards – especially in the realm of intellectual property, according to Boga & Associates Partner Renata Leka. Despite plenty of ground left to cover, the Boga Partner is optimistic the country will see "significant progress in the coming years."

Croatia's economic outlook is on the rise, with improvements in mergers and acquisitions activity compared to last year according to Lovric Novokmet & Partners Partner Mate Lovric who discusses the positive trends in GDP growth, investments, and key sectors like energy and tourism that are driving this upward trajectory.

Legal changes abound in Kosovo with contested advocacy laws and ongoing judicial reform, says Hodaj & Partners Managing Partner Taulant Hodaj, who highlights that despite challenges, favorable tax laws and investor-friendly policies persist in attracting businesses.

In a detailed discussion on Moldova’s evolving fintech sector, ACI Partners Head of Fintech and E-Payments Nicolina Turcan highlights significant progress, largely driven by technological advancements, cross-border market integration, and the country's need to align its regulatory framework with EU regulations and directives and adjust its payment infrastructure.

From a significant downturn in project financing to promising developments in green energy, particularly wind, CMS Partner Eszter Torok shares valuable insights into the complexities of the Hungarian market against the backdrop of shifting economic and regulatory landscapes.

Taking a deep dive into the most interesting recent developments in Kosovo, Vokshi & Lata Partner Florin Lata discusses a projected 4% GDP growth for the year, significant legal reforms across several sectors, as well as key business and economic drivers for the small Balkan market.

When talking about notable recent developments in Serbia, Bojovic Draskovic Popovic & Partners Senior Partner Uros Popovic reports of an evolving business landscape in the country, marked by the substantial influence of foreign companies and dynamic sector activities, with a burgeoning real estate market and a quickly developing renewable energy sector.

Austria’s real estate business currently faces multifaceted challenges following the unexpected rise of interest rates and inflation in 2022, according to Knoetzl Partner Bettina Knoetzl, with “the SIGNA Holdings insolvency sending shockwaves throughout the industry and the country.”

Emphasizing the urgency of healthcare reforms in the Czech Republic – given acute supply issues and the need to address systemic challenges effectively – Baker McKenzie Partner Milena Hoffmanova underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between stakeholders to ensure sustainable and equitable healthcare delivery in the country.

North Macedonia faces a temporary slowdown in economic activity as it gears up for presidential and parliamentary elections set for late April and early May, according to Law Office Serdjuk Managing Partner Petar Serdjuk, while the post-election period holds promise of revitalizing key sectors such as construction and infrastructure through long-awaited public procurement projects.

In Albania, renewable energy, start-ups, and gaming all present significant market opportunities according to Partner Anisa Rrumbullaku of CR Partners in cooperation with Karanovic & Partners, with significant changes being implemented that stand to not only revitalize the economy but also create a hotbed for legal expertise.

Impactful legal updates are on the ticket in Croatia according to NLaw Managing Partner Martin Hren, and the stage is set for changes that could significantly bolster the Adriatic country's start-up ecosystem and IT sector, with more work needed to support renewable energy projects and new technologies.

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