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Baker McKenzie has advised Worthington Enterprises on the USD 10 million sale of 49% of Worthington’s Sustainability Energy Solutions business segment to Hexagon Composites forming a joint venture with Hexagon Composites. Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner reportedly advised Hexagon.

Heralded as a cornerstone of the national economy, the Hungarian automotive sector faces significant challenges but also promising opportunities. Baker McKenzie Partner Zoltan Hegymegi-Barakonyi, Lakatos, Koves & Partners Partner Adam Mattyus, Szecskay Senior Partner Judit Budai, and Kinstellar Sector Head and Senior Counsel Akos Nagy take a deep dive into the sector’s status amidst a backdrop of labor shortages, geopolitical shifts, and the government’s concerted efforts to continue growth and maintain global competitiveness.

In The Corner Office, we ask Managing Partners at law firms across Central and Eastern Europe about their backgrounds, strategies, and responsibilities. Given the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the legal profession, we asked: What is the one critical skill that you’re investing time and energy in to develop within your team, and why?

The bill to amend the laws on justice was adopted by the Hungarian Parliament on 30 April 2024. The omnibus act amends a number of laws, including the Act on Notaries Public, the Act on Judicial Enforcement, the Act on the Organization and Administration of the Courts and the Code of Civil Procedure.

Emphasizing the urgency of healthcare reforms in the Czech Republic – given acute supply issues and the need to address systemic challenges effectively – Baker McKenzie Partner Milena Hoffmanova underscores the importance of collaborative efforts between stakeholders to ensure sustainable and equitable healthcare delivery in the country.

Kambourov & Partners, working with Latham & Watkins, has advised Triton Partners on local aspects of the carve-out and acquisition of Siemens Energy’s Trench high-voltage component business. Baker McKenzie advised Siemens Energy. White & Case advised a syndicate of banks and financial institutions on financing the acquisition.

Allen & Overy and Turkish affiliate Gedik & Eraksoy have advised the joint bookruners on Akbank's USD 600 million issuance of 9.37% perpetual fixed rate resettable additional tier 1 notes. Baker McKenzie and Turkish affiliate Esin Attorney Partnership advised Akbank.

CMS has advised mBank on the PLN 42 million financing for Zemportic Investments' acquisition of Polska Grupa Bruno-Tassi. Baker McKenzie advised Zemportic Investments. Wardynski & Partners advised a consortium of banks financing Polska Grupa Bruno-Tassi. MJH Moskwa Jarmul Haladyj and Forton Legal advised Bruno-Tassi.

In The Corner Office, we ask Managing Partners at law firms across Central and Eastern Europe about their backgrounds, strategies, and responsibilities. As we bid farewell to 2023, this time around we turn our attention forward: What is your one main wish for 2024 and what do you see as the biggest potential risk?

In a time of economic turmoil, company directors and owners focus on maintaining their businesses as going concerns, ensuring financial stability, and managing relationships with their creditors, contractors, and employees. When necessary, that includes considering strategic debt management options. On the other hand, creditors and contractors concentrate on properly assessing and understanding the risks associated with a dynamically changing commercial environment, evaluating their strategies toward clients, and implementing adequate safeguards and responses to emerging threats.

Nowadays, one can hear a lot about generative artificial intelligence ("Generative AI"), which can be used to create different types of content (e.g., text, images, software source code) in an automated way by giving simple instructions (so-called "prompts"). Companies may reasonably ask whether it is worth investing, at this point, in software using Generative AI; however, the current Hungarian legislative environment does not provide answers to this question, which could clearly provide guidance in all cases, on a general basis. For this reason, the legal implications of each investment (be it either procurement or "in-house" development) need to be examined on a case-by-case basis.

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Baker McKenzie brings insight and foresight to clients across more than 70 global offices. Our team of 13,000 people, including over 6,500 lawyers, works alongside our clients to drive growth that is both sustainable – and inclusive. The global business community is more interconnected than ever before. Opportunities and risks spill across different markets, sectors and areas of law, so a connected perspective is essential in delivering business objectives while mitigating risk. Our integrated client solutions provide seamless advice, underpinned by deep practice and sector expertise, as well as first-rate local market knowledge.

In the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region, Baker McKenzie's expansion remains steadfast, with a thriving team of over legal professionals. Our footprint extends across six offices in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Türkiye, and Ukraine. As part of our global network, coupled with well-established partnerships throughout the entire CEE landscape, we proudly stand as one of the foremost international law firms in this dynamic territory. Our reputation as a premier business law firm in CEE is a testament to our extensive experience in advising on a multitude of prestigious projects and nurturing enduring client relationships.

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