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Marketing Law Firm Marketing: Most Valuable Software Tool

Marketing Law Firm Marketing: Most Valuable Software Tool

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New technologies are all the rage, as law firms adapt to the telecommuting and digitalization realities that accompanied the Covid-19 pandemic. Accordingly, we decided to ask our Law Firm Marketing experts from across the region a simple question: “What is the single most important/valuable piece of software you use?” As always, we asked respondents to focus on the question at hand, rather than – as we put it – using the question simply as an excuse to “tell us that their firms are awesome.” Not everyone was able to resist.

“Snipping tool: Incredibly useful for faux print screens, saves time downloading, it never fails to respond. It allows you to ‘cut out’ a piece of screen you see and then copy paste that in Word, email, power-point, without opening extra screens or saving the image first. I wouldn’t go back to my pre-snipping tool era.”

Jelena Bosnjak, Senior Business Development Manager, CMS Croatia

“The single most valuable software I use has to be Outlook. Hardly ground-breaking, but I’m pretty sure I’d be lost without it. In terms of ease of organization, it’s unparalleled and keeps me on track with the coordination of all my tasks, meetings, appointments, and deadlines. The way it works so well with MS Teams and Zoom is a new bonus considering the increased number of online meetings these days. Oh, and did I mention that my firm is awesome?”

Klara Loranger, Communications Manager, Bittera Kohlrusz & Toth

“WhatsApp. WhatsApp kept me sane during lockdown and working from home and such informal info exchange kept the creative juices flowing. Whether it’s a share of a Friday tipple, horror story or dog pic!”

Charlotte McCrudden, Business Development & Marketing Manager, CMS Istanbul

“We use quite a useful tool for video-clip-creation for our social media: The Lumen5 video creation platform powered by A.I., which enables anyone without training or experience to easily create engaging video content within minutes. As video posts have always more engagement we use this quite a lot. You just enter the text, the tool suggests a visualization of this text, you easily correct it, and there you go.

Anastasia Kotenkova, Marketing and BD Manager, CMS Russia

“MS Teams has been a game-changer in these Covid times, serving to tighten those human bonds that have been severely weakened by lockdown, social distancing, and online work. Incredibly, we were able to close a huge transaction right in the middle of the first lockdown; we were able to foster teamwork, cooperate closely, and communicate effectively on Teams.”

Raf Uzar, Head of Communication and Development, Penteris

“The tool that helps me have a concise overview of the tasks, schedule and deadlines is the timekeeping software we use. It allows me to accurately see and plan my course of action and log all activities at once. Although I often rely on my memorizing abilities, having this electronic companion certainly helps. Another tool that makes my life a lot easier – and this might make you smile – is the Snipping Tool App. The fact that I can instantly take any piece of my screen I need and insert it into whatever material I am working on at any time well, simply makes my working process a lot easier.”

Olivia Popescu, Marketing & PR Manager, MPR Partners

This Article was originally published in Issue 7.12 of the CEE Legal Matters Magazine. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the magazine, you can subscribe here.

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