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Romania: State Aid Law Updates

Romania: State Aid Law Updates

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After the recent alignment of Romanian state aid law with applicable European law, the procedure for granting state aid in Romania has also been updated as follows:

  • the list of eligible activities has been reduced so as to ensure allocation of financial resources to sectors generating a significant multiplier effect in the economy,
  • a scoring mechanism has been introduced to analyse applications in order to prioritize projects with higher investment amounts and those that are implemented in less developed regions of Romania, 
  • the analysis period for reimbursement documentation has been changed from 30 working days to 60 working days, thus making it equivalent to the period used for analysis of the application documentation, and
  • specific intensities have been assigned to each county, ranging from 30% in the western region to 60% in the northeast, southeast, South Muntenia and Southwest Oltenia. 

According to the Romanian authorities, the next call for submission of applications will be opened in the next calendar quarter, and a generous budget will be available.

By Iulian Sorescu, Partnerand Sebastian Popescu, Counsel, Noerr  

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