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Ukraine Approves List of Priority Investment Projects for 2021 – 2023

Ukraine Approves List of Priority Investment Projects for 2021 – 2023

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At the beginning of 2021, the Government of Ukraine published its decision No. 1581-p, dated 16 December 2020, on approval of the list of 102 investment projects prioritised by the State for 2021 – 2023 in such fields as culture and tourism, industry and manufacturing, energy, healthcare, transport, and sports. 76 out of 102 projects may be financed by investors, 47 of which – using a public-private partnership, including the concession framework.

Please see below the list of the most prominent projects, which may be of most interest for investors.

1. Industry and manufacturing

  • Launching the production of:
    • artificial ventilators devices (artificial lung ventilators)
    • military equipment (vehicles, cartridges of various caliber, production of prototypes and serial production of unmanned aerial vehicles)
    • concentrated sulfuric acid and nitric acid
  • Development and organisation of new production of accumulators with supercapacitors

2. Construction

  • Development of the Black Sea coastline in Kherson region (project LA PERLA AZZURRA)
  • Development of an entertainment park in Kyiv
  • Construction of factories producing:
    • titanium powder and its products
    • titanium and aluminium tubes and heat-resistant alloys

3. Airports and railroad infrastructure

  • Reconstruction and/or modernisation of 12 Ukrainian airports
  • Construction of a new airport in Zakarpattia region (either in city Mukachevo, or village Serednie)
  • Pilot concessions of 7 railroad stations

4. Roads

  • Repair and modernisation of 11 highway sections
  • Construction of:
    • a new Kyiv bypass road
    • a bridge over Southern Buh river in Mykolaiv

5. Seaports

  • Concession projects in Odesa, Chornomorsk, and Berdiansk seaports
  • Concession of a railway-ferry complex in Chornomorsk seaport

By Maksym Maksymenko, Partner, and Rostyslav Mushka, Associate, Avellum