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Rautner Advises Gugelsolar and Erste Bank on PV System Construction and Financing

Rautner Advises Gugelsolar and Erste Bank on PV System Construction and Financing

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Rautner Rechtsanwaelte has advised Gugelsolar GesmbH and Erste Bank on their construction and financing of the Sonnenfeld Pellendorf agri-photovoltaic system as an addition to the existing Gugelberg wind farm.

Set up in the municipality of Gaweinstal in Lower Austria, the project "still allows agricultural use of the site areas. This means that there is no competition with food production, and the arable and grassland areas that have already been cultivated can therefore be used efficiently for both purposes," Rautner reported.

According to the project's website, out of a total of four hectares, 80% of the land will be used for agriculture, 18% to increase biodiversity (flower strips, bee pastures, fallow land), and only 2% will be taken up by solar power production. "Together with a wind turbine [...] this will generate green electricity as a hybrid power plant" equivalent to the use of over 1,200 households.

According to Rautner, "the photovoltaic system was built with a nominal output of 3.125 megawatts. The purchase price for the entire production volume is secured by a business subsidy in the form of a market premium in accordance with the EAG."

The Rautner team was led by Managing Partner Uwe Rautner.

The firm did not respond to our inquiry on the matter.

Editor's Note: After this article was published, Rautner Rechtsanwaelte announced it had also advised Gugelberg 4 GmbH and Erste Bank on expanding the existing wind farm through the addition of a Vestas V162-6.2MW turbine.

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