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The Buzz in Montenegro: Interview with Jelena Vujisic of Vujacic Law

The Buzz in Montenegro: Interview with Jelena Vujisic of Vujacic Law

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Even with the political situation in the country being turbulent, Montenegro has a lot to look forward to, especially given the success of this year’s tourism season, according to Vujacic Law Partner Jelena Vujisic.

“The turbulence of the times is to be expected, given that the recent political change of the ruling party has been the first of its kind in the past thirty years,” Vujisic says. Milo Djukanovic’s party lost the parliamentary majority in the last elections and has since been in the opposition. Still, irrespective of the political friction, Vujisic believes that the “people of Montenegro are done being yanked around by political clashes – they are more prone to focus on their own matters.”

Speaking of the new government, Vujisic reports that there hadn’t been much legislative action in the past few months. “Given that it was a time of summer recess of sorts, for the legislative bodies, there is nothing much new to report on,” she says. “The main focus of the new government has been – as it has stated on many occasions – the path to EU accession. All of the negotiation chapters have been opened and a major push is expected to close them all soon, and become a part of the European family.” 

The one thing that is constantly being discussed is, as Vujisic reports, the amendment to the framework regulating the Council of Prosecutors. “Still, even with all of the talk surrounding the matter, no concrete movement has happened yet,” she says.

“The tourism sector has been our shining star this year,” Vujisic continues, reflecting on the Adriatic country’s economy. “It has outperformed all of our expectations and has, in some ways, been even better than 2019!” With 2020 hitting Montenegro hard, Vujisic says that this year has, so far, been a “thread of good fortune. The atmosphere surrounding the economic projections is most positive.”

Finally, Vujisic reports that all the other sectors of the economy have been business as usual, as of late. “All of the major projects that have been in motion are still ongoing and it would appear that some have even sped up,” she says. “This, in spite of the still-ongoing pandemic, is a very good sign. We may even be looking at a complete bounce-back for next year!” Vujisic concludes on a positive note.

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