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Marketing Law Firm Marketing

Marketing Law Firm Marketing

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What one part of your job do you enjoy most, and why?

Marietta Vidali, Corporate Communications Manager, Drakopoulos, Athens

The most satisfying part of my job is the ability to co-decide on certain issues, thus impacting the firm in a positive way. Our flat organizational structure enhances my role’s involvement in the decision-making process, allowing for faster response times to business challenges and an open, collaborative environment that promotes brainstorming and innovation. As a marketer, I really enjoy working for a firm that relies on ideas, innovation, and employee engagement to keep up with a quickly changing business landscape.

Marta Albrecht-Niedzialek, Marketing Communications and Operations Manager, 

Wolf Theiss, Warsaw

Genuine and effective communication with lawyers and co-workers is a key. For me, it is all about having the proper attitude for a situation. I’m a devoted marketing communicator. I really enjoy helping our lawyers become marketing communicators, too. I feel a deep satisfaction when working with colleagues who are eager for knowledge. It’s so nice to see the positive effects multiply as every new lawyer becomes an ambassador of Wolf Theiss.

Alexandra Yoshida, Business Development and Marketing Director, Karanovic & Nikolic, Belgrade

Learning what is going on in the market and working with my partners to find strategic ways to be a part of it is interesting because it requires a certain framework of thinking that pushes us to understand and take advantage of that which we see as opportunities in the market, to help further our role in protecting and advancing our clients’ businesses and professions. Being able to foresee potential outcomes and guide our team towards those opportunities is fundamental to the development of the business.

Katalin Kovacs, Head of Business Development, CMS, Budapest

What I enjoy the most in my work is interacting with clients and colleagues and learning more about what the real important things for them are. These informal discussions and their everyday challenges, successes or concerns can show us a whole different perspective and help us stay focused when planning our BD activities or marketing campaigns. Also, I have the luck to work with some great minds of the legal world; that is very inspiring and leads to no dull existence.

David Clark, Chief Operating Officer, Akol Ozok Namli Attorney Partnership, Istanbul

Being a top tier law firm capable of the most challenging domestic and international projects is essential but not enough for us; doing this by developing a group of people who are strongly motivated to work for each other and reflecting that into a team that clients can really enjoy working with, now that is a challenge that I love.

Connecting with people, both internally and clients, to create something great for everyone involved is what gets me up each morning with a smile. This is a human business after all.

Agnes Hargitai, Business Development & Marketing, Wolf Theiss, Budapest

This is not an easy question especially with such a complex job that requires multiple personalities aligned to 20+ lawyers at the same time, not to mention the need to be constantly creative, agile, and persistent as well as always up to date with the latest economic matters. This is very challenging, and I think this is the part of my job I enjoy the most. I also enjoy providing direct and valuable support to our lawyers in a way that really makes a difference, providing the background and a stable base for their work. I love the freedom in my work and also my role as a member of a great and supportive international team that provides me opportunity to brainstorm, to think outside the box and come up with unusual solutions in order to put new ideas into motion. 

Petra Svoboda, Head of Communications CEE, Taylor Wessing, Vienna

Many people – including Communications experts – might think that law firm PR/marketing is somewhat unvaried. The opposite is the case. I truly enjoy the multifacetness of our job. It’s all about different practice areas (and different topics even within these practice areas), different industries and – being an international law firm – different countries and local particularities. No two days are the same!

Hristo Deliolanov, Marketing Manager, Schoenherr, Sofia

I really enjoy organizing our corporate events – both internal and external. My first really serious professional challenge in Schoenherr, back in 2007, was organizing a teambuilding in the Bulgarian mountains for more than 100 people from all our offices. It was really successful in general and made a good start with a consecution of different events. The thrill of event organization doesn’t disappear, because each project starts all over again, and no matter how successful your last event was you face the same challenges each time. And the biggest challenge is to make it memorable. To make people remember and even talk about your event is more or less mastery in our age of distraction and profusion of information and experiences. And this depends mostly on the idea and creativity and then on the budget. 

Olivia Popescu, Marketing & PR Consultant, Maravela | Asociatii, Bucharest

Whether it be the particularities of legal marketing, clearness of the outgoing news, the numerous professional events, the wide international exposure and the fast-paced working environment, everything leads to a varied and fulfilling job, suited for a dynamic individual. And the one part I enjoy most about my job is its complexity. Activity-wise, the continuous international liaising and interaction is one of my favorite job-spec components.

Tanja Arnegger, Head of Marketing Strategy & Developments, Schoenherr, Vienna

I love analytics, so the digital part of marketing is definitely my favorite. Everything is quantifiable and measurable, and no realistic planning can be done without data. You can learn a lot from your website’s traffic, as well as the entire spectrum of analytics available nowadays. Data is such a great basis for any Web, Content, SEO and Social Media Strategy.

Iva Vosolova, Marketing Manager, bpv Braun Partners, Prague

Marketing for an attorney´s office is challenging for me every day. Sometimes it can be very hard to convince the team that we also have to focus on long-lasting goals. Therefore, I really enjoy when my colleagues put aside their focus on just billable hours for a while and are able to contribute with their great input. Such knowledge exchange and their contributions with new issues and topics is something that I really appreciate in my job. When I feel that my colleagues share the goal of being well presented on the market and succeed I am happy. I feel very content after organizing a special event or seminar to experience directly the feedback from our clients and business partners. Obtaining a positive reaction to our just-implemented marketing activity, I know that my work is really worth it.

Kalina Dimitrova, Marketing Expert, Dimitrov, Petrov & Co., Sofia

What I most enjoy about my work is the chance to make the others’ work more visible so that their dedication and professionalism do not go unnoticed. Though I was put in charge of marketing only recently, I have been with Dimitrov, Petrov & Co. for over eight years now. I have seen the law firm grow and change offices, people come and go, grow up, get married, have children. What remains the same, however, is the immense energy, time, and zeal my colleagues put into their work. I had not seen anyone work so hard before I joined the law firm, neither have I seen it elsewhere since. My job is to help my colleagues obtain the acknowledgement I do believe they deserve, and every little step in this direction makes me really happy.

Larysa Syvak-Anina, Marketing and PR Manager, Baker McKenzie, Kyiv

I enjoy the act of communicating itself, with entirely different people every day – from lawyers to journalists, designers, and, of course, clients. Each individual shares his or her ideas and thoughts, inspiring me to be more creative and effective in my work. As a Marketing and PR expert within a global firm, it’s fantastic to be able to communicate with my colleagues around the globe.

Tatyana Brezhneva, Head of Marketing, CMS Moscow

While marketing services is a very interesting sphere in general, it has a lot of routine work. That’s why I am particularly excited about getting tangible results. Winning a new client, getting a higher rank in legal directories, feeling the smell of freshly printed brochures, or seeing happy faces after a client event make the efforts – at times very big – worthy and rewarded.

Erik Uszkiewicz, PR and Marketing Manager, Schoenherr, Budapest

I have always loved meeting people and getting to know them. One of the key parts of this job is to design and maintain a great deal of personal contact with a lot of people and to find a common harmony with them. Whether meetings with clients, organizing events, or brainstorming with lawyers, personally for me the most exciting part of my job is to get to know their stories, think together, use our creativity, and learn much more about the situations in which we may help each other. This is an amazing part of this work and is beyond the realm of law. Conducting all of this in an international environment can even be more fun where languages, cultures, and customs meet as an added value not only for me personally, but for the organization as well. No wonder that the marketers’ room is the loudest.

Jana Stevanovic, Corporate Communications Manager, Moravcevic Vonovic and Partners in cooperation with Schoenherr, Belgrade

My favorite part of my job is creating, influencing, and sustaining the intangible culture that makes the firm so special and unique. I love spending time with lawyers and clients, soaking up their experiences and feelings connected to the firm. Transforming these experiences into stories enables me to coach and guide the lawyers of all levels of seniority through uncharted waters of marketing and business development in a law firm.

Natalia Blotskaya, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Avellum, Kyiv 

I enjoy planning our marketing activities and budgeting for months ahead. Most of all, I like to follow plans and enjoy the results of our marketing work. I prefer to have all activities under control – it helps to avoid any unwelcome surprises. I have aimed at paying maximum attention to our planning for the last 18 months, during which time Avellum was launching a number of complex and strategic projects, including the updating of our corporate visual identity, launching a new website, and developing of digital strategies targeted at our clients and potential employees. Naturally, sometimes initial plans are revised, since our fast-paced world is changing so quickly, and the deadlines might be really tight. However, I enjoy proper planning and analysis, which make it halfway to success and start to be rewarding.

Biliana Tzvetkova, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov, Sofia

I guess the one thing that most motivates me being a BDM is that I’ve managed to acquire valuable practical knowledge of the Bulgarian economic and legal framework. 

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