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Cadastral Alarm – Prevention of Abuse Relating to Real Estate

Cadastral Alarm – Prevention of Abuse Relating to Real Estate

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The Republic Geodetic Authority (“RGA”) has recently, within implementation of the new real estate cadastre information system, launched a Cadastral Alarm, which serves to monitor the cases, i.e. changes relating to real estate.

The respective application has been created with a view to alarming the real estate owner or any other person with legal interest with regards to all changes in relation to real estate. In this manner, an interested party can obtain real time information if someone files for change of data concerning real estate (e.g. change of ownership, entry of notes and burdens, court dispute, correction of errors), as well as if someone undertakes any other action that may be relevant, which is particularly important in the event of actions that may jeopardize the holders of real estate rights, i.e. cause them damage.

System’s working method

In order for a user to be notified about changes on the respective real estate, it needs to register on the system, i.e. to file an electronic application for Cadastral Alarm services, with mandatory electronic signature of the applicant stamped on the application form, which can be found at the RGA’s website, along with other necessary instructions.

Upon registration, the application operates in such a manner that the interested person, i.e. user receives a notification by e-mail with summary of the case and registration number under which the case is enrolled with the RGA’s competent service. The application can be used both by natural persons and legal entities, while all information sent electronically will be available to the user for one year and free of charge.

Other benefits of the service

In addition to timely notifying of service users on instituted procedures for registration of changes on real estate, Cadastral Alarm service enables the monitoring of case status, i.e. resolution of submitted requests. By means of this application, the users can also be notified when change upon request has been implemented in the real estate cadastre, when a note has been deleted (e.g. that the decision is not final) etc.

Considering all of the above stated, it is expected that the Cadastral Alarm will significantly contribute to legal certainty in relation to real estate registered in the cadastre and prevention of abuses related thereto.

This article is to be considered as exclusively informative, with no intention to provide legal advice. If you should need additional information, please contact us directly.

By Lara Maksimovic, Senior Associate, and Danica Nikitovic, Junior Associate, PR Legal

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