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Weronika Magdziak and Andrzej Palys Promoted to Partner at Kochanski & Partners

Weronika Magdziak and Andrzej Palys Promoted to Partner at Kochanski & Partners

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Former Counsels Weronika Magdziak and Andrzej Palys have been promoted to Partner at Kochanski & Partners.

According to Kochanski & Partners, Magdziak "specializes in broadly understood civil law disputes. For several years, she has represented the largest banking sector entities in litigation involving foreign currency indexed/denominated loans and compensatory benefits.” According to the firm, “Weronika co-manages a team of specialists dedicated to handling claims under foreign currency credit and loan agreements and compensatory benefits. She has participated in the development and implementation of a business strategy concerning claims for compensatory benefits brought to a major commercial bank in Poland. She also worked on the development of a litigation strategy concerning claims under foreign currency credit agreements for the largest Polish state-owned bank.”

Magdziak has a Magister’s degree from the Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej w Lublinie. Before joining Kochanski & Partners in 2017, she spent almost a year with Sadkowski i Wspolnicy, a year and a half with Maciej Panfil i Partnerzy, and a year and a half with Roman Giertych.

Palys specializes in the resolution of court disputes, including commercial disputes, debt collection and aviation law projects. According to Kochanski & Partners, “he is experienced in debt collection for large organizations and handling large-volume litigation projects (involving tens to thousands of cases). Currently Andrzej is representing several banks in criminal, commercial and civil cases, including disputes concerning Swiss franc loans. He has managed multi-million-zloty receivables portfolios for one of the largest banks in Poland and for a large chain of convenience stores, from investigation of debtors’ assets through amicable steps, mediation, court proceedings, and enforcement proceedings.”

Palys has a Master’s degree in Law from the Akademia Leona Kozminskiego. He has been with Kochanski & Partners since 2011.

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