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Agnieszka Wiercinska-Kruzewska and Aleksander Stawicki New Managing Partners of WKB

Agnieszka Wiercinska-Kruzewska and Aleksander Stawicki New Managing Partners of WKB

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WKB Partners Agnieszka Wiercinska-Kruzewska and Aleksander Stawicki have been appointed as the new Managing Partners of WKB, taking over the role from Partner Jerzy Baehr.

“I am very pleased to be handing over the management of WKB to the next generation of equity partners,” commented Baehr. “I took over the reins from Andrzej Wiercinski. The law firm can grow if it is propelled by the energy of many people with different experiences and predispositions. Agnieszka and Alexander have been involved with WKB from the beginning, both having built large, market-leading practices. Now, with the participation of other equity partners, they will have a chance to apply their unique experience in their new role.”

Wiercinska-Kruzewska is WKB's Co-Founding Partner and the firm's Head of Intellectual Property and TMT. Before founding WKB in 2004, she spent seven years with Wardynski & Partners.

Stawicki is the Head of the firm's Competition Law and Consumer Law practice. He has been with the firm since 2008 and became Senior Partner in 2015. Stawicki graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University and holds an LLM degree from Radboud.

Jerzy’s tenure has been a very good time for WKB,” Wiercinska-Kruzewska said. “We are very grateful indeed to Jerzy for the effort he has put into managing WKB and very much look forward to his ongoing commitment and support.”

“We are taking over the management of WKB recognizing the many areas where we can still grow,” Stawicki added. “We will do our best to fulfill our functions in such a way that we can proudly pass the baton to our successors in a few years.”

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