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Jan Holasek Joins Forces with HKDW Legal to Form HKDW Holasek

Jan Holasek Joins Forces with HKDW Legal to Form HKDW Holasek

Czech Republic
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Jan Holasek, a Czech Senator and founder of Havel, Holasek & Partners – now Havel & Partners – has joined forces with HKDW Legal to form a new law firm under the name HKDW Holasek.

According to the newly formed firm, its headquarters will be in Prague and its work will focus on “Czech clients as well as international legal markets, including Germany, Austria, Scandinavia, Great Britain, US, and Asia.”

HKDW Holasek has four equity partners – Jan Hrazdira, Jaromir Kaluzik, Lukas Nyvlt, and Jan Holasek – in addition to a team of over 20 lawyers. According to the firm, plans are to cater to “all areas of law with a particular focus on litigation and arbitration, insolvency and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, construction and development, criminal law, corporate and commercial as well as legal counseling in the insurance and banking sectors.”

Hrazdira and Kaluzik co-founded HKDW Legal in 2000.

Nyvlt joined HKDW Legal in 2017. Earlier in his career, he spent 13 years with Glatzova & Co and over six and a half years with NH Partners.

Holasek holds a Master’s degree in Law from Charles University as well as an LL.M. from NYU. He is a founding partner of what is now Havel & Partners, a firm with which he spent 16 years of his career. In addition to that, he spent four years with Kocian Solc Balastik. In 2020, he was elected as an independent senator of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

"We want to focus primarily on local and international profile cases and on providing legal services at the level of large international law firms,” says Holasek. “Our goal is to always deliver the highest possible level of legal expertise while maintaining a personal client approach and a team atmosphere within the company.”

“We want to forge long-term relationships with our clients and provide them with top legal support benefiting from a perfect understanding of their business needs and requirements," adds Hrazdira, Founding Partner of HKDW Legal. “I also take great pride in the fact that my partners and I take an active part in legal counsel and solving of legal issues our clients encounter.”