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CEE Legal Matters Issue 7.9

CEE Legal Matters Issue 7.9

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These are challenging times. Covid-19. American elections. Climate change. All this plus, as the man says, "Winter is coming." But it's not all grim. Just think: The new issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine is out now!

The pdf version of Issue 7.9 is here

All online versions of the articles in Issue 7.9 are here. They include:

  • Guest Editorial by Michal Nulicek of Rowan Legal
  • Across the Wire: Deals and Cases in CEE
  • Featured Deals
  • On the Move: New Firms and Practices
  • The Buzz in CEE
  • Building Blocks of CEE: Duncan Weston Brings CEE to CMS
  • Beyond Dispute: Interview with Counsel Victoria Pernt of Schoenherr
  • Data Implications of Remote Working
  • Market Spotlight: The Balkans
  • Guest Editorial by Milan Samardzic of Samardzic, Oreski & Grbovic
  • Article: The Serbian Situation
  • Article: Marketing with One Arm Tied Behind Your Back: Attorney Advertising Bans Across the Former Yugoslavia
  • Inside Insight: Interview with Milan Kajtez, Head of Legal at Unicredit Bank a.d., Banja Luka
  • Inside Out: Privatization of Komercijalna Banka
  • Market Snapshots
  • Expat on the Market: Pablo Perez Laya of BDK Advokati
  • Experts Review: Tax