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The CEELMDirect Profile Pick: Interview with Roman Pecenka of PRK Partners

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CEELMDirect Profile Pick: A series of interviews with partners and firms with Premium profiles on the CEELMDirect online legal directory. Today’s interview: Roman Pecenka, Partner at PRK Partners in the Czech Republic.

CEELMDirect: Your CEELMDirect profile is packed with articles about deals you’ve worked on, legal analysis and editorials you’ve written, interviews with you, contributions you’ve made to a CEELM Comparative Guide on Real Estate … and even an article about your position as Vice Mayor of the Czech village of Podolanka! When do you find time to sleep?? 

Pecenka: I have heard that you do not get tired of passionate work. I am afraid that this is true – and I am a perfect example. All my jobs fit in what I like: real estate, working with people, and creativity.

CEELMDirect: This is an unusual question, but given your diverse profile and interests, it seems appropriate. What’s your favorite part of being a lawyer?

Pecenka: Freedom, as this is still a very independent profession. The working with clever people, which motivates you to make permanent improvements. And the constant challenges, which offer you a lot of satisfaction once solved.

CEELMDirect: What single element of your profile on the CEELM Direct website are you proudest of?

Pecenka: Being part of PRK Partners.

CEELMDirect: This is an unusual time in CEE, with COVID apparently waning (but certainly not completely gone), the war in Ukraine continuing to rage, and inflation in the Czech Republic reaching 10%. How is this cocktail of potential problems affecting business in the country – both for your clients, and for your firm?

Pecenka: With clients, we have to address new issues, such as the unexpected rise of prices in the construction sector, which overlaps with many other businesses. New clauses are being discussed between parties, existing contracts are being revised, and possibilities for both parties are considered.

Within the firm, the origin of the client’s ultimate beneficial owner became an important element for our consideration. Although we have maintained our pace during the COVID-19 crisis thanks to our preparedness, the astronomic prices of energy and inflation rates above 10% were not expected. They will certainly impact all of us, but if that would be our contribution to the Ukrainian victory in war, personally, I am ready to pay it.

CEELMDirect: Great. Thank you, Roman. Have a great summer!

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