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New amendments to Law No. 422/2001 on the protection of historic monuments (Law 422) were posted for discussions on the website of the Ministry of Culture, on January 12, 2022, in the shape of a Government Ordinance (Bill) intended to amend and supplement Law 422. Any suggestions or opinions should have been submitted no later than January 24.

Central European countries represented and continue to represent quite an attractive market for international investors, mainly due to the stable economic environment, relatively lower labor costs compared to the rest of the European regions, favorable tax environment, and the availability of tax incentives.

The rapid development of modern information and communication technologies – a sine qua non condition for the edification of the Information Society - has had a major impact on the social environment, marking true mutations in the operating philosophy of economics, politics, and culture, but also in the daily life of the individual. In fact, at present, the easy access to technology information and communication is one of the conditions for the proper functioning of modern society.

Access, equity, quality, and cost-effectiveness are key issues facing healthcare in both developed and less developed countries. Modern information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as computers, the Internet, and cell phones, are revolutionizing how individuals communicate with each other, seek, and exchange information, and enrich their lives. These technologies have great potential to help address contemporary global health problems.