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An Overview of Important Legislative Changes in Slovakia

An Overview of Important Legislative Changes in Slovakia

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An Overview of Important Legislative Changes in Slovakia

Increase in the minimum wage benefit for employees from 1 June 2023

From 1 June 2023, the minimum wage benefit for employees will again be determined as it was before 2020 as follows:

- work on Saturday – 50% of the minimum wage

- work on Sunday – 100% of the minimum wage

- work at night – 40% of the minimum wage

Increase in meal allowances for business trips from 1 January 2023

From the beginning of 2023, the meal allowance for employee business trips has increased. The amount of the meal allowance depends on the length of the business trip as follows:

- EUR 6.80 for trips lasting 5 to 12 hours;

- EUR 10.10 for trips lasting 12 to 18 hours; and

- EUR 15.30 for trips lasting more than 18 hours.

Levy on excess income from the sale of electricity

Producers of electricity from inframarginal sources (RES, nuclear energy, brown coal), or persons connected with them, who supply electricity produced by the producer to the wholesale market, are obliged to file a notification and pay the excess income levy for the first time in the month of February 2023, no later than 25 March 2023. The levy represents 90% of the excess income, while the excess income means the positive difference between the market income and the market income cap.

The certificate for e-signature on OP chips issued until 20 June 2021 expired on 31 December 2022

The certificate stored on OP chips issued until 20 June 2021 expired on 31 December 2022. In the transitional period until 30 June 2023, it is possible to perform selected actions (authorisation of electronic documents on the Financial Administration portal, customs declarations, etc.) through an alternative - an improved electronic signature.

 By Filip Kozon, Associate, Jan Macej, Sylvia Berova and Sona Petrovicova, Senior Associates, Eversheds Sutherland

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