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Marketing Law Firm Marketing: The Supportive Partner

Marketing Law Firm Marketing: The Supportive Partner

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To a large extent, the ability of law firm marketing and business development experts to successfully promote the firms they work within depends on the support they get from their firms’ partners. So we asked them: What partner at your firm would you single out for her/his recognition of the value of what you do and ability to get you what you need efficiently and quickly?

Jelena Bosnjak, Business Development & Marketing Manager, CMS Croatia:

Our most BD & marketing-oriented partners are Tamara Jelic Kazic, who heads the Croatian tax team and coordinates the CEE tax team, and Gregor Famira, Partner in Vienna, Ljubljana, and Zagreb. 

Both come across as business-oriented solution seekers, and both are constantly exploring options for how to deepen their client care. This matrix – which consists of their clients’ needs on one side and the entirety of the legal framework on the other – is constantly cross-referencing in their heads. They emerge into their clients’ industries and they appreciate the specifics of each sector. Using that principle and that logic, they appreciate the stuff we – the marketing and BD people – do for them. 

These are the people who often engage into lengthy and peer-like discussions with their BD staff on new products, new markets, new approaches. They are responsive to new initiatives and willing to discuss almost any aspect of doing business within this very traditional profession. They do not micro-manage and both give credit to non-lawyers where credit is due. Both appreciate high-quality and content-friendly media exposure and refrain from click-baits and sensationalism. 

Most importantly, they promote this principle with their teams, with their peers, and with their juniors. Their support is not only theoretical or declaratory. They follow through with their promise of support, they invest in their media contacts, and they use their own reputation to help push a new product on the market.

Finally, they are generous when it comes to knowledge-sharing. Their Business Development specialists will never be pushed aside and left hanging in the dark. Quite the contrary, both will include their BD specialists in the fee structuring and fine-tuning of their pitch documents and share all their accumulated legal and business know-how in the process.

There’s no money in the world that could make me write this if I didn’t mean it.

Olivia Popescu, Marketing & PR Manager, Maravela | Asociatii:

I embrace the opportunity to state that, without a doubt, Founding Partner Alina Popescu elegantly stands at the very top of my list. Just to be clear, all the firm’s partners contribute with at least rankings, networking, and editorial-related marketing activities, but Alina actually enjoys getting involved. Her outstanding communication skills and understanding of the marketing mechanisms make her an ideal person to work with. Although when working with budgets her flawless memory might be a bit of an impediment when renewing various subscriptions, her narrative skills, combined with the pleasure of writing, turn legal articles into utterly comprehensible work for all readers (including non-lawyers, such as myself). Her door is always open for marketing-related subjects, she supports and encourages CSR as well as promotional endeavors, and, marketing-wise, she is the first of firm’s partners to be “blamed” for all image and brand related achievements (and on the same note, for shaping my entire legal marketing career as well).

Aleksandra Makulinska, Marketing and PR Manager, Wierzbowski Eversheds Sutherland:

The first person who comes to my mind is our Managing Partner, Tomasz Zalewski. He’s a good manager to work with because he trusts the marketing team and allows us to make independent decisions and take responsibility for what we do. Tomasz gives us free rein on many issues, which is vital for marketers who are creative and independent, just like my team. He is eager to take part in a range of business development initiatives and really understands why it’s important. I appreciate Tomasz’s great sense of what marketing of legal services is all about, and, consequently, I never have any doubts as to what he expects from us. In his practice, Tomasz handles the legal aspects of AI and other cutting-edge technologies, but in person he’s no robot. He’s a genuinely nice person who approaches us with a smile and respect.

Krista Lielauza, Marketing Specialist, Ellex Klavins:

I would like to highlight Zinta Jansons, who is Partner and Head of Tax at the Ellex office in Latvia. Zinta has been working at the firm for almost 15 years, and I believe that she serves as an inspiration not just for me, but for other colleagues as well. It is not only because of her being hardworking and efficient, but also due to her kindness, responsiveness, and friendly approach. Zinta often gets involved in marketing-related matters as well, and her opinion and original ideas are always highly appreciated. Another aspect is the fact that Zinta is always quick to help and give advice, even though she is very busy with client work on a daily basis. This is especially true in critical moments, for example, when it seems like there is no solution, she is always able to suggest something to save the day!

Rasa Kasete, Head of Marketing and Sales, TGS Baltic, Lithuania:

It is a challenge to communicate [our values] by marketing means. Cooperation among lawyers and partners is of particular importance here. Our Managing Partner Eugenija Sutkiene greatly contributes to this purpose. Far-sighted as she is, she puts emphasis on reputation’s influence on client satisfaction and the attraction of new clients, underlining the necessity of applying innovative solutions not only in the area of legal services but also in improving the marketing strategy.

Eugenija is perfectly knowledgeable about local and international legal services markets and modern tendencies in the field, and she relates her experience and knowledge to the guidelines for the formation of the law firm’s reputation.

This Article was originally published in Issue 5.5 of the CEE Legal Matters Magazine. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the magazine, you can subscribe here.

CMS at a Glance

CMS Sofia is a full-service law firm, the largest international law firm in Bulgaria and one of the largest providers of legal services in the local market as a whole. The breadth and depth of our practice means that our lawyers are specialised, with a level of specialisation that few of our competitors can match.

CMS Sofia is the Bulgarian branch of CMS, a top ten global legal and tax services provider with over 5000 lawyers in 43 countries and 78 offices across the world.

CMS entered the Bulgarian market as one of the first internationally active law firms in 2005 and is now among the most respected legal advisors in the country. We have 7 partners, 4 counsel and over 30 lawyers in our office in Sofia.

Our legal experts, who are rooted in Bulgaria’s local culture, can also draw on years of experience in foreign countries and are at home in several legal systems at once. We know the particularities of the local market just as well as the needs of our clients and combine both to achieve optimum solutions. Our lawyers are Bulgarian qualified and we also have English qualified experts – all of them regularly working on cross-border mandates.

In our work, we focus on M&A, Energy, Projects and Construction, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, Media, IP and IT law, Tax, Employment law, Competition, Procurement and any kind of Dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. What’s more, we also take care of the entire legal management of our clients’ projects.

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