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Deadlines You Know ‘Em — Our First Christmas Poem

Deadlines You Know ‘Em — Our First Christmas Poem

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As we escape the wind, ice, and snow

the news on this website will unavoidably slow

You’ll forgive us our need to take a quick rest

Charging the batteries that keep us the best

But before we run to the airport and wait in those lines

we wanted to ensure you knew the deadlines —

dates of import to you, and all of our fans — 

our upcoming events and awards, tables and plans


The Table of Deals deadline  this year must come first

to forget to submit, as a mistake is the worst

The 13th of Jan is the day that chance will expire 

after that might as well put the notes in the fire


Then hanging o'erhead like Damocles’ sword

Is the deadline for this year’s DOTY award

Want to submit? — for three weeks you can

The deadline for that is the 17th of Jan


And forget thou shoulds't not, our events in the UK

April 23, in London, will be the big day

Tickets on sale, and going apace

Contact us soon, to reserve your own place


We’ll be back soon, on December 30 or so

tanned and rested, our bodies aglow

fired with energy, and ready to rock

Smart and alert, something like Spock


In the meantime, we say, while we swim and we dream

Merry Christmas from us, the CEELM team

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