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We are a law firm that is dedicated to recovering assets for victims of financial crime when the assets or scammers are located in Bulgaria. Nowadays, a growing number of people become victims of a sophisticated ongoing criminal fraud scheme involving an unknown number of organised participants from different countries. The fraudsters aim to deceive the victims to transfer significant amounts of money to the fraudster’s bank accounts in Bulgaria. Then, the scammers usually move the received sum to a bank account in a country outside the European Union.  However, these transfers are in breach of Bulgarian and international anti-money laundering law.

As we promised a few weeks ago when we discussed all the interesting aspects of commercial offences as an integral part of Serbian penal law, we shall now take a closer look at the first-instance proceeding and some of the most important segments of domestic and foreign legal entities, as well as their responsible persons, should keep in mind in case they are subjected to a commercial offence proceeding.

The content of communications recorded by criminal law enforcement authorities (LEAs) and traffic and location data; Not only voice communications, but also electronic messages made not only from a mobile phone, but also from landlines and other devices; Records of surveillance of persons and property by the LEAs. This and other information have so far reached the Czech national competition authority (Czech NCA) without being able to use it legally as evidence in the proceedings.

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