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Going Green with New Charging Stations

Going Green with New Charging Stations

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The "green charging stations" have been introduced with the Regulation Amending the Regulation on Charging Services published in the Official Gazette dated 17.08.2023. Pursuant to the amendment, stations that have a Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee Certificate ["YEK-G Certificate"], an electronic document that providing evidence that all of the electricity supplied to the consumer per 1 MWh of electricity generated is generated from renewable energy sources, will now be defined as green charging stations.

The YEK-G Certificate can be obtained as per the Regulation on Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee Certificate in the Electricity Market published in the Official Gazette dated 14.11.2020. In this regard, Charging Network Operators that have a YEK-G Certificate will terminate their already existing ones in order to link such with the consumption of renewable energy and will present their renewable energy related YEK-G Certificates to consumers. In addition, YEK-G Certificates can be verified with their number on the (Türkiye’s authorized energy market operator) Enerji Piyasaları İşletme A.Ş.’s [“EPIAŞ”] YEK-G Certificate Verification Portal on the EPIAŞ website.

Charging network operators may designate all or some of the stations in their charging networks as green charging stations. However, it should be noted that the YEK-G Certificate must be subject to the procedure described above for all of the electrical energy subject to the charging service at green charging stations.

Finally, green charging stations will be indicated with a separate color or sign on the free access platform. The logo and/or signs distinguishing green charging stations for users will be determined by the Energy Market Regulatory Authority.

By Nihat Ozbek, Partner, Guleryuz & Partners

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