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Asters: Ukrainian Government Launches a Program of Evacuation of Enterprises from the Combat Zone to the West of Ukraine

Asters: Ukrainian Government Launches a Program of Evacuation of Enterprises from the Combat Zone to the West of Ukraine

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Asters, March 16, 2022:The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is ready to provide conditions to work in the western regions of Ukraine for enterprises located in the zone of risk and active hostilities. Primarily, the state encourages the relocation of strategic enterprises and enterprises that produce essential goods to meet the needs of the civilian population and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For this purpose, an enterprise wishing to transfer completely or partially its production facilities and employees should apply at the link, indicating the following information:

  • the name of the enterprise and the USREOU code
  • production address and specialisation
  • ability to produce goods/products for defence needs
  • contact persons of the enterprise (name, position, phone, email)
  • the need for production premises (area, m2, type of premises, other special conditions)
  • electricity demand (kWh, connection power in kW)
  • the need for additional resources (water, gas, etc.)
  • number of employees and their families and the need for dormitories/accommodation
  • number of equipment (units/tons/m3)
  • ways to transport equipment (railway/automobile transport) and the need for transport (number of cars, trucks etc.)
  • access to transport hubs
  • estimated time of dismantling, packing, and loading of equipment
  • the need for storage facilities (m3), raw materials (type, volume, potential sources/partners), additional needs
  • location address of the enterprise after transportation (if any)
  • address of residence of staff and their family members after transportation (if any)
  • estimated time of installation of equipment and start of production after relocation
  • availability of existing/potential sales channels after relocation

The legislative procedure of relocation of enterprises is currently in the process of preparation and approval. It is expected that after the confirmation of the respective application, the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine and military civil administrations will jointly search for the necessary industrial facilities and places for the accommodation of employees and their families. Once the location parameters are agreed with the enterprise, the State will assist in transporting the equipment and workers with their family members to the new site. Each individual case of transportation will be accompanied by the responsible deputy or the local majority deputy.

For more information, please contact Counsel Anzhelika Livitska and Associate This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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