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Know Your Lawyer: Nazif Karatas of Nazali Attorney Partnership

Know Your Lawyer: Nazif Karatas of Nazali Attorney Partnership

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An in-depth look at Nazif Karatas of Nazali Attorney Partnership covering his career path, education, and top projects as a lawyer as well as a few insights about him as a manager at work and as a person outside the office.


Nazali Attorney Partnership, Partner, 2022-present

Nazali Attorney Partnership, Director, 2017-2021

Private Education Institutions, Lecturer on Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Labor Law, 2006-201


Marmara University, PhD Candidate, 2009-present

Marmara University, LLM Degree, 2008

Marmara University, LLB Degree, 2001


Out of office activity: Traveling and trekking

Quote: “It’s easy to be good, it’s hard to be fair.” – Victor Hugo

Book: Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder

Movie: My Father and My Son by Cagan Irmak

Top 5 Projects:

Advising Bosal Turkey on closure, with more than 250 employees, and managing negotiations with the union (2021-2022);

Advising Cargill on its first union authorization and collective bargaining negotiation process by carrying out the company’s best interest in the process (2021-2022);

Advising Duravit Turkey regarding the collective dismissal process of the employees and the execution of this issue before public authorities, upon the decision of the company to cease production in Turkey;

Managing the collective bargaining negotiation processes of Fritolay and Fruko, within Pepsico Turkey (2018-present);

Advising more than 50 large companies located in Turkey, such as Vakko, Eczacibasi Ilac, Ipragaz, or ThyssenKrupp, on the transition processes to the short-time working practice for employees after the closure, reduction, or temporary suspension of activities caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2021).

What would you say was the most challenging project you ever worked on and why?

Karatas: It was a very difficult period for me and my colleagues when advising our clients as employers regarding the closure decision taken in Turkey due to COVID-19, the measures implemented by the government, and the resulting temporary stoppage of activity in most workplaces, across the country, or the decrease in production, due to the large number of workplaces and workers affected by this process. Considering the size of our clients, the volume of work, and the disinformation about short work, I remember that we had a hard time back then, and we worked overtime to clear our clients’ questions, despite the pandemic.

And what was your main takeaway from it?

Karatas: I learned that we can always encounter unexpected events – and in these situations, it is necessary to take a determined stance, without panic, and by taking calculated risks. I realized the importance of taking all the relevant data into account and then making a decision without delay. Because the worst decision is still better than indecision.

What is one thing clients likely don’t know about you?

Karatas: One of my areas of expertise is criminal law. At Nazali, I am responsible for both labor law and criminal law. However, since I spend a lot of time on labor law projects, I think that the clients I work with may not know about my criminal law expertise.

Name one mentee you are particularly proud of.

Karatas: I am especially proud of Zeynel Sahin. After his university education, he could not find what he wanted in business life. I mentored him and provided direct support on Constitutional law, Criminal law, and Labor law trainings, to prepare him for the exams. He first became a Social Security Inspector, then took the exams and became a Tax Inspector.

What is the one piece of advice you’d give yourself fresh out of law school?

Karatas: I would advise that young man to pursue his dreams without giving up, without fear of making mistakes and failure.

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