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The global pandemic has impacted all markets, with subsequent ramifications for M&A. Investors are now seeking greater protection against general lock-downs and supply-chain disruptions, while governments aim to protect critical supplies and services by imposing new regulations on foreign investment in crucial or strategic industries. ​

TGS Baltic has advised the representatives of the European Central Bank on Latvian law matters related to the rejection of the appeals of ABLV Bank AS and its largest shareholders, Ernests Bernis, Olegs Fils, OF Holding SIA, and Cassandra Holding Company SIA, of the orders of the General Court of the European Union of May 6, 2019 (in ABLV Bank v ECB (Case C‑551/19 P) and in Bernis and Others v ECB (Case C‑552/19 P)), dismissing as inadmissible their actions for annulment of the ECB's February 23, 2018 declaration that ABLV Bank and its subsidiary, ABLV Bank Luxembourg SA, were failing or were likely to fail.

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