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M&A in the CEE region has been a captivating theater of evolving trends and geopolitical dynamics of late. Schoenherr Partner Markus Piuk shares his insights on the current market trends and delves into the influence of the US-China relationship, the status of Russian-based transactions, the resilience of the CEE M&A market, and the prospects of industry consolidation and growth.

In a move that might appear unconventional for CEE legal markets, Belgrade-based law firm Gecic Law elevated its Head of Operations Hristina Kosec to Partnership. While a lawyer by education, Kosec’s career up to this point has not exactly been a typical lawyer’s one.

Petar Orlic and Branko Jankovic of NKO Partners sat down with CEE Legal Matters to talk about their unique paths to Partnership at the firm and share insights. Petar, who recently made the transition from London to Serbia in pursuit of new opportunities, shares his excitement about the vibrant and energetic business climate in the CEE region, while Branko, who rapidly ascended to the position of Partner at NKO, offers valuable tips on professional growth and the importance of staying open-minded and continuously learning. 

Peterka & Partners has been steadily expanding its reach across Europe for more than 23 years, with the recent addition of Croatia to the firm’s network. Peterka & Partners Managing Partner Ondrej Peterka and the Croatian firm’s Main Contact Person, Attorney-at-Law Anja Haramija, share details about the firm’s vision and its recent expansion.

An in-depth look at Peter Berethalmi of Nagy es Trocsanyi covering his career path, education, and top projects as a lawyer as well as a few insights about his as a manager at work and as a person outside the office.