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COVID-19 and Construction: Contract and Litigation

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Webinar April 21

How should estate developers and contractors operate during the pandemic? What to do if you or your contractor cannot fulfill the obligations? How to change or terminate the agreement? Is the COVID-19 a force majeure situation for construction companies?

We invite

  • inhouse lawyers, 
  • heads of legal departments,
  • CEO of construction companies (developers, contractors of residential and commercial real estate).

We will discuss

  • Contractual law (construction, sale, and purchase contracts; share purchase, lease, delivery contracts).
  • Arbitration Practice


  • Russian

A pandemic is not the time to rest idly. Especially when your business is in estate construction. It is essential to restructure the contractual base to minimize counterparty claims. What tools can development companies use in case of new restrictive measures?

At the webinar, we will talk about the most topical issues concerning the construction industry. We will discuss essential points to consider in case of suspension of the construction process, failure of deadlines, disruptions in delivery, and increasing financial burden.

We will present ways of judicial protection in the course of performance of obligations under contracts of building contract, delivery, share participation, and rent. We’ll consider the state of legal practice in the end of April 2020. In addition, cover both sides of deal relations - when the developer acts as a creditor or a debtor.

We’ll discuss other legal risks of residential and commercial property developers in the time of quarantine and prohibitions. What consequences can a halt on bankruptcy proceedings bring for the developer?

We hope you will not encounter the majority of these legal problems, but it is better to plan ahead the potential risks that may arise in the construction industry.

The program

  1. Civil liability for breach of construction contracts in the context of pandemics
  • What should I do if you or your counterparty cannot fulfill the contract?
  • What liability can the contractor and developer incur due to delays in deadlines?
  • How can the developers minimize their financial and legal risks?

Speaker: Stanislav Golunov, Senior Lawyer at Enforce Law Company, eight years of experience in contract, corporate, and bankruptcy law. He represents the interests of companies in court.

  1. Amendment and termination of construction contracts in case of substantial change of circumstances.
  • Review of current court practice and considerations of significant change of circumstances in construction disputes
  • How can a developer minimize risks in case of termination (change) of a contract due to a pandemic and quarantine measures?
  • Current changes in legislation related to contract termination (modification), which will protect the interests of construction companies during pandemics and quarantine measures.

Speaker: Andrey Mazurkevich, lawyer, specialist in legal support of contractual disputes and bankruptcy procedures. 

  1. Proving of force majeure circumstances during execution of construction contracts
  • How to prove the existence of force majeure in a particular case?
  • Is COVID-19 a force majeure circumstance for construction companies?
  • What categories of circumstances cannot be considered force majeure circumstances?

Speaker: Nikita Pechurichko, senior lawyer, specialist in legal support and insolvency (bankruptcy) procedures for construction companies and developers.

After the webinar, you will receive a free white paper:

  • The list of legal recommendations to implement today
  • Analysis of Russian court practice on force majeure

Please register here https://enforce.law/blog/seminars/seminar1/. 

The day before the event, you will get a link with access to the online webinar. Please note that the organizers reserves the right to refuse to register for the webinar without explanation.

For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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