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The Buzz in Bosnia & Herzegovina with Sead Miljkovic of Miljkovic & Partners

The Buzz in Bosnia & Herzegovina with Sead Miljkovic of Miljkovic & Partners

Bosnia and Herzegovina
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“Things are pretty quiet, and there aren’t any big developments,” begins Sead Miljkovic of Miljkovic & Partners, when asked for the Buzz in Bosnia & Herzegovina. He reports that “infrastructural projects and consolidations in the bank sector” are active at the moment, as well as “financing of public projects,” but he adds that “none of it is large-scale."

Miljkovic points out that the biggest hurdle to any “exciting developments” is the fact that the BiH Government remains incomplete following last October’s elections. “Neither the Federal nor the State nor Local Governmental institutions are fully formed and functioning,” Miljkovic says. “This slows business down, and puts a halt on NATO integration as well as any perceivable EU accession movements.” According to him, “the political picture is quite complex and is a major obstacle to realizing any previously started projects or beginning work on any new ones,” and he reports that “the last time something big in terms of legislation passed was at the end of 2017/start of 2018,” and that nothing of major importance has happened since.

Asked about the state of the BiH legal market, Miljkovic says that no new firms have entered in the previous year, nor are there any exits likely to impact the current market composition. “Everything is pretty stable and has not changed much in the past year, and it seems that this trend will continue for the immediate future.”

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