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2023 Deal of the Year Submission

Please complete the fields below for *each* deal being submitted.

Starting with last year, we introduced a rolling system of CEE Deal of the Year submissions to help firms avoid the stress of end-of-the-year deadlines. The cap of three submissions per firm per jurisdiction remains, so we will reach out at the end of the year to any firms that have submitted more than that and ask them to pick which three of the submitted deals they'd like to put forward.

Important Update From Previous DOTYs

As opposed to previous years, since the 2022 DOTYs, the eligibility of deals will be determined based on the date of closing, not of signing. Only deals that were closed between January 1 and December 31, 2023 will be considered, without exception. Because of this change, some deals that were submitted for previous editions of the DOTYs might be eligible this year because of their closing, rather than signing date but deals that won a previous edition of the DOTYs are NOT eligible again for the jurisdiction(s) for which it was awarded the DOTY in the past.
Please choose one. Separate submissions are required for each country to be considered.
Please identify all parties by name – both buyer and seller, or both borrower or lender, for example, where applicable – and the kind of transaction. Do NOT explain the deal here or add information about its size, significance, or impact. If it’s an acquisition or sale, please list the buyer’s name first. Examples might be “Ukraine Eurobond Issue” or “CVC Capital’s Acquisition of Zabka Polska from Mid-Europa.” Please note: Financings are considered part of acquisitions, even if negotiated separately. Firms that worked only on the financing part of the deal should nonetheless identify the deal by the names of the acquiring and selling entities, with an explanation of financing aspects and their role provided separately, below.
Just law firms. NOT individual lawyers, not financial advisors. We only want to know which law firms were involved, and for which clients. Where applicable, please include firms advising on financing, even if they did not work on the underlying transaction itself.
    If you represented a buyer on a transaction, you *must* identify the advisor of the seller, and vice-versa (e.g., “X advised the seller”)
    If you represented a borrower on a financing, you *must* identify the advisor of the lender, and vice-versa (e.g., “X advised the lender”)
    If you advised only on local aspects of a larger regional or global deal, you *must* identify the firms acting as global advisors, and vice-versa (e.g., “Firm A acted as the global counsel for party B; Firm C acted as the global counsel for party D”)
    If the counter-party relied strictly on its in-house team please note that (e.g., “X relied on its in-house team”)
No more than 400 words. Based on past submissions, do NOT simply copy/paste your press release on the deal. Your team's composition on the deal is of little importance. This is where you get to speak to the judges and convince them to vote for this deal. Explain not simply the details of the deal, but summarize media coverage, or give useful additional information like “this was the largest bond issuance in the history of the country.” If it’s not here … the panel may not know about it and this is your opportunity to convince the judges to vote for this deal. Useful information can include deal value and significance to the domestic market and the region as a whole, complexity, the existence of novel or innovative aspects or tools, etc.