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RTPR: Up-to-Date Information Regarding the Crossing of the Border from Ukraine to Romania

RTPR: Up-to-Date Information Regarding the Crossing of the Border from Ukraine to Romania

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Radu Taracila Padurari Retevoescu, Mar 4, 2022

Border points

Direct crossing to Romania through: Siret, Isaccea, Albita, Sighetu Marmației and Halmeu.

Crossing in Romania through the Republic of Moldova through the following crossing points: Lipcani-Rădăuți-Prut, Costești-Stînca, Sculeni-Sculeni, Ungheni-Iași, Leușeni-Albița, Cahul-Oancea, Giurgiulești-Galați.

Necessary documents

IMPORTANT: Border crossing is made under flexible conditions, as follows:

Adult Ukrainian citizens (over 18 years)

  •  Entering on the basis of a valid simple or biometric passport.
  •  Expired passport, national identity card or no document: it is allowed to cross only by land (car, bus, train or by foot), but only as an asylum seeker at the border point.
  •  Ukrainian men aged between 18 and 60 are allowed access to Romania if they meet the conditions for leaving Ukraine1 and also those for entering Romania. Men that crossed the border illegally when leaving Ukraine and that wish to stay in Romania must apply for asylum or, if they are only transiting through Romania, they will be placed in refugee centers to give a declaration as a war refugee with the obligation to leave the territory of Romania in 15 days.


All children coming from Ukraine are accepted in Romania with or without documents. Accepted documents are: birth certificate or other identity card (e.g. passport, documents that attest their identity). Children may cross with both parents / one parent / or alone.

For minors that cross with a single parent, the approval of the other parent is not required. In the case of children accompanied by relatives, proof of kinship must be provided, otherwise they will be considered alone. Children crossing unaccompanied / considered to cross unaccompanied are placed in refugee centers and placed in the care of a guardianship authority, asylum applications for these children are treated with priority.

Foreigners crossing from Ukraine 

Third-country nationals residing in Ukraine can cross the border on the basis of a valid passport and they obtain visa upon arrival. They can also apply for asylum.

COVID-19 rules

Upon entering Romania by land, it is not necessary to present a vaccination certificate / green certificate or a valid PCR test and no quarantine is required.

Entering Romania by car

If the green card / mandatory car insurance for abroad does not have coverage in Romania / EU, it is permitted to pass the border, but  a border insurance has to be acquired in Romania for 30 days


For crossing the border with a pet there is a temporary derogation regarding animals that do not have a rabies vaccine or that have an expired vaccine / do not have a microchip / identification tattoo. Therefore, the border can be crossed freely with these animals, but the Pet Location Form must be filled and the subsequent fulfillment of the requirements mentioned on the site ansvsa.ro shall be considered.

1 Men aged 18-60 are subject to exit bans established in Ukraine, subject to certain exceptions

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