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Translation works, which were created by transferring the intellectual artwork created in one language into another one, are preserved and considered as a work in today’s laws. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that translation works are results of intensive work and labor. Although translators are working on the basis of the original work, they are adapting the original work to another language by transferring information from their previous experiences. In this regard, it is an undeniable fact that translations should be evaluated as a separate work independently from the original work.

Medical intervention is defined as actions taken by medical institutions, physicians and medical personnel in order to diagnose, cure and prevent diseases. Medical intervention notion has a wide variety from curing or preventing an ailment to fulfilling a request relating to an aesthetic matter.

Pursuant to the Turkish Data Protection Law which aims to provide data security, it has set some rights and obligations to specific subjects. Those subjects fall into three categories: data subject, data processor and data controller. Data subject expresses a real person whose data is processed; data controller is defined as the real or legal person that determines the objectives and tools of processing of the personal data, and is responsible for the establishment and management of a data recording system; data processor is defined as the real or legal entity that processes the personal data, with the authority bestowed by the data controller, and in the name of the data controller. Data Protection Law sets forth essential responsibilities for data controllers, as follows:

Protection of intellectual property rights and preventing infringements arisen against them has gained importance at the global world in recent years and both domestic and multinational companies’ awareness rate is increasing continuously regarding this matter. But this results in an increase at court workload especially regarding IP related disputes causing slowdown at legal system in countries which has a developing industry like Turkey.

Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm at a Glance

Founding purpose of Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm is to provide legal services based on experience, detailed research and extensive knowledge to our clients expeditiously and operably.

When our partners decided to establish Sezer&Utkaner Law Firm in 2010, they realized that individuals and companies have difficulties in reaching the law, the rules cannot be internalized in practice since the law is only seen as a set of rules, individuals and companies take legal support only when a problem arises and have only one initial and final meeting with their lawyers for their problems. Therefore, our Law Firm set out to find a solution for all these issues.

Sezer & Utkaner Law Firm, established with the aim of achieving this goal, carries out its work with young and dynamic team members in a way that the clients can access at any time and get legal service in a long-term trust relationship with rendering legal services to our Client's mainly at Intellectual Property Rights, Corporate Law, Labor Law in Turkey, Greece, Romania and Bulgaria. We also highly value the importance of education therefore our lawyers are continuosly being trained extensively in order to keep up with latest legislations and developments especially at IP and IT sector.

Our Law Firm’s practice is not to send the legislative provisions to our clients and leave them alone with these provisions; but to apply these provisions together to the dispute with them and follow up at any time and to create solutions by creating different legal approaches to the problems with saving maximum time and achieving maximum benefit for them.

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