Tomas Richter Moves from Clifford Chance to JSK in Prague

Tomas Richter Moves from Clifford Chance to JSK in Prague

Czech Republic
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Former Clifford Chance Of Counsel Tomas Richter has moved to JSK in Prague as the firm's new Head of Restructuring and Insolvency.

Richter qualified as Czech attorney in 1998 and has over 20 years of experience in advising on resolution of corporate distress in and out of formal insolvency proceedings, as well as representing clients in disputes arising therefrom. He is one of the authors of the Czech Insolvency Act. He spent the first eight and a half years of his career with Allen & Overy in Prague. In January, 2006, he joined Clifford Chance, where he stayed until this most recent move.

At JSK, Richter will focus predominantly on client work, although he will retain several academic posts, including at INSOL Europe's Academic Forum where he currently serves as the Chair, and at the Charles University's Institute of Economic Studies where he is associate professor.

On his LinkedIn page, Richter commented that: "After just a little over 15 years at Clifford Chance (and what a wonderful time they have been - a big thank you to all my friends and colleagues there !), I am joining JSK, advokatni kancelar, s.r.o. in Prague today. Having spent 25 years at international law firms, I really look forward to returning to what will pretty much be full-time practice at a local independent firm."