Gessel Advises Lode Group on Investing in PW Partner

Gessel Advises Lode Group on Investing in PW Partner

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Gessel has advised the Lode Group on its investment in PW Partner through Lode's subsidiary PCO Serwis.

According to Gessel, “the company making the investment on the part of the Lode Group was Polska Ceramika Ogniotrwala Serwis. PCO Serwis is a supplier of refractory lining solutions for many industries, wherever high-temperature technological processes require the use of refractory and insulating materials.”

PW Partner is a company focused on providing services to companies in the cement and lime, chemical, paper, and energy sectors. According to Gessel, “the transaction aims to strengthen the possibilities of comprehensive customer service by PCO Serwis, by providing specialized mechanical, repair, and maintenance services.”

Gessel’s team included Partner Karol Sokol, Of Counsel Inarda Bielinska, Managing Associates Michal Osowski and Michal Boryczka, Senior Lawyer Michal Bragiel, and Lawyer Dominik Wesolowski.

Gessel did not respond to our inquiry on the matter.